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Cimbria Complete

Cimbria Complete™

Our process is designed with our customers at the core. From vision to reality and beyond, our team stays connected with yours.

About Cimbria


victorian era dildos,Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products.

Seed Processing

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Remove impurities and support growth for higher value.

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d&d sex toy,Cimbria develops and manufactures an entire range of seed processing equipment and solutions for all types of cleaning, grading, sorting and treatment. It is a product range which is capable of working under all kinds of climatic conditions anywhere in the world.

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gay moth gag toy sex,Cimbria has the right equipment for your operation. Efficiently process a variety of grains, cereals, oilseeds, grass seeds, rice, legumes, garden and commercial seeds.

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For pre-cleaning, fine cleaning and grading with guaranteed uniform feeding.
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Excellent separation of kernels and granular products.
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Length grading of all granular materials.
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Precise grading of seeds and cereals.
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Eliminate heavy impurities.
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Robust separator for grain and maize.
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Gentle separation for high germination rates.
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Heavy-duty course cleaning of grain and maize.
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Uniform coating for value-added protection.
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Capacity and uniformity with a patented atomizing nozzle.
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Gentle and effective drying of coated seeds.
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For grass seed, clover, separating double grasses and removing tails from the germ end of oats.
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Separate sorrel seed from the seed of trefoil plants.
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Improve appearance and increase weight for improved quality.
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Separate round kernels from flat or long.
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Reduce dust emissions.
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Add value from the plant to the bean.
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